Our history

‘Behind every great product there is always a man or woman and their story’.

Every EVOline® power and data solution is invested with the DNA of Siegfried Schulte.

His is the story of a man defying common opinion, redefining what is possible and delivering time after time market leading designs that bring safer, smarter electrical systems.

Since starting the company in 1964, Siegfried has led the way through innovations such as developing the first steering column stalk multi-way switch for cars worldwide. Multiple patents have followed for designs including; ‘dead man switching’, decentralised electrical distribution, the ‘pop-up’ Port and the ‘flat plug’.

Recognised for his contribution to industry, Siegfried Schulte and his designs have received numerous international awards for innovation and design excellence. These include; the Diesel Medal in Gold, the Red Dot design award, IENA Gold Medal and the Universal Design award.

Conquering the UK kitchens market with the EVOline® Port, EVOline® power and data systems are now also established in commerical, hotels and hospitality environments.

Any where you need discreet power and data systems.

Today our team of designers, engineers and technical specialists create international power and data systems used globally by world renowned organisations.

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