The EVOline® brand has become synonymous with leading kitchen design internationally.

EVOline® literally makes space work by discreetly bringing connectivity to those difficult to reach places; kitchen islands, overhead cabinets, breakfast bars and confined spaces.

Working with leading manufacturers, designers and distributors, EVOline® helps maximise the space and potential of any kitchen design by integrating ‘must have’ power, data and multimedia sockets for all modern day appliances, mobile devices, TV and radio.

The EVOline® range of solutions avoid the necessity to channel through walls. With the increase in popularity in the use of glass and granite splashbacks, EVOline® is the ideal solution for avoiding the hassle and cost of wall socket cut-outs.

Made by us in Germany, the complete EVOline® kitchen range is fully modular, offering the opportunity to customise any of our solutions to individual client requirements.

This incredible flexibility means that we manufacture bespoke products for clients with multi-million pound developments all the way down to one-off requirements.

Specified with confidence, make sure you are receiving a genuine EVOline® product, the only system designed and made entirely by us in Germany.

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