“Why can’t a desk be a cause of pride for the people working on it?”

Emmanuel Dietricher ‘DNA’ 2010, Clerkenwell Design Week

It has never been so important to stay connected which is why EVOline® insists on using warranted performance data transforming offices into fast, efficient and productive workplaces.

The EVOline® range of power and data systems provide easy access to all your connectivity requirements for above desk, below desk and in-desk/flush mounted solutions.

The EVOline® Port and EVOline® Frame Dock to name a few, integrate seamlessly into any confernence/meeting table, work desk, reception area or home office.

EVOline® solutions facilitate this by offering a huge amount of choice and ways to incorporate power, data and multimedia.

Whether it’s above or below the desk, built-in, retractable or free-standing, EVOline® brings cable management to all types of furniture without compromising the design or aesthetics of the project.

The unique adaptability of EVOline® helps redefine spaces previously divided between “living” and working areas.

Working with architects, designers, M&E, AV and furniture specialists on specifications for a multitude of installations, all with different technical parameters and briefs, EVOline®power and data systems offer the right solution.

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