EVOline® Frame Dock

A flush fitting system, the EVOline® Frame Dock blends in effortlessly with its office, kitchen and hotel interiors.

An intelligent and versatile solution, it can provide all the power, data and multimedia connectivity required in one place.

The profile is available in a variety of lengths, making numerous configurations possible and it can be installed vertically, horizontally and even in an inverted position as only 51mm void depth is needed.

It’s the all round solution for integrated power and data – from office desks and tables to soft seating furniture.

The EVOline® Frame Dock is:
  • Made and designed in Germany
  • Available with future proof technology, including interchangeable multimedia and data connections
  • Specified and modular enabling greater flexibility for bespoke solutions
  • Available with future proofed technology, including the high performance Universal USB Charger
  • Swiss warranted performance data connections
  • Easy to install and can be retro-fitted
  • Conforms to BS6396 guidelines (where applicable)

The EVOline® Frame Dock can be custom made to your connectivity requirements. Please Click Here

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