EVOline® U-Dock

Developed as an adaptable power and data system, the EVOline® U-Dock has many installation possibilities.

It’s straightforward design easily installs directly onto the underneath of a desk, inside a trough, or the EVOline® Rail as well as into a table leg.

As it can be installed vertically or horizontally, and with its varying profile length, the EVOline® U-Dock enables greater flexibility particularly when making decisions on the specification details.

The EVOline® U-Dock is:
  • Made and designed in Germany
  • Specified and modular enabling greater flexibility for bespoke solutions
  • Available with future proofed technology, including the high performance Universal USB Charger
  • Swiss warranted performance data connections
  • Easy to install and can be retro-fitted
  • Conforms to BS6396 guidelines (where applicable)

EVOline® U-Dock is compatible for use with EVOline® Rail

The EVOline® U-Dock can be custom made to your connectivity requirements. Please Click Here

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