EVOline® Cable Management

EVOline® offers a range of cable management accessories to consolidate loose cables and assist with health & safety requirements within office interiors.

EVOline® Bridge

Sturdy, strong and rigid, the EVOline® Bridge anodised aluminium casing is designed to withstand being stepped on, walked over and even rolled over. It’s also relatively flat and thus avoiding it being a tripping hazard.

Cables are inserted into the separate channels, dividing the power and data cables in compliance with BS6396 guidance.

Easy to install with either screws or doublesided tape, EVOline® Bridge is available in varying lengths, and with components for joining corners and intersections – a must for planning functional yet flexible office space.

EVOline® Wirelane

EVOline® Wirelane

A flexible and extendable plastic skeleton, EVOline® Wirelane allows cables to be grouped together and create a channeled pathway between the floor outlet and the desk connectivity system.

EVOline® Wirelane is screwed into the surface for rigid fixing yet the individual skeletal vertebrae can be pulled apart to gain access to the cables as and when necessary.

Available in grey and black, EVOline® Wirelane will complement most office desk interiors.

EVOline® Rail

EVOline® Rail

There are times when complete hidden power and data solutions are desired, if not necessary. The EVOline® Rail has been developed with this specifically in mind.

The EVOline® Rail, which has been custom designed for the EVOline® U-Dock and EVOline® Express connectivity systems, ‘cradles’ the unit whilst at the same time, has channels for holding and directing the cables as needed.

As the power and data is all managed underneath the desk, a clear and tidy work surface is maintained.

In addition, for the complete cable management solution, from the desk to the floor, the EVOline® Rail is compatible with EVOline® Wirelane.

The EVOline® Rail is:
  • Made and designed in Germany
  • Easy to install and can be retro-fitted

EVOline® Quickock

The EVOline® Quicklock provides a quick and secure mounting solution for the EVOline® Dock and EVOline® R-Dock range – perfect for organising unsightly cable mess.

Installed onto the desk surface without the need for tools, the EVOline® Quicklock conceals all power, data and multimedia leads exiting the system behind the black aluminium cover.

In addition, with the option of incorporating EVOline® Wirelane, the cables are neatly stowed away from the desktop to the floor box.

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