All EVOline® systems are designed and manufactured in compliance with British and EU statutory regulations. Relevant British Standards may also be used as a means of demonstrating compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations – A statutory requirement.

BS6396:2008 – Provision for electrical installations within office furniture and educational furniture.

BS6396 is a British Standard which specifies the requirement for the safe provision and assembly of electrical power, data and telecommunications distribution systems in office, educational furniture and office screens where by the electrical system is connected by means of a 13A plug.

Electrical installations in office and educational furniture must adhere to the electrical standard as set out in BS6396 which form part of the overall compliance by;

  • All sockets installed in accordance with the standard must be individually fused.
  • Restricting the number of individually fused 3.15A sockets to a maximum of 6 from a single 13A supply
  • Restricting the number of individually fused 5A sockets to a maximum of 4 from a single 13A supply

As a manufacturer, Schulte ensure all EVOline® solutions are safe, both in design and application within the relevant standards and directives.

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