IP Ratings

An IP (ingress protection) rating is the classification and rating of protection provided against solid objects, dust, water and accidental contact in mechanical casings and electrical enclosures.

The rating classification has been derived to provide households with accurate information relating to how water resistant a product is.

The EVOline® Port, EVOline® FlipTop, EVOline® Dock and EVOline® Frame Dock are rated IP20 and are manufactured in accordance to the UK standards for household wiring (BS7671 – 17th Edition wiring regulations).

In the regulations there is no reference to the position of an electrical outlet in a kitchen, the only reference is “sockets and accessories are suitable for the environment they are to be used in”.

The UK building regulations (Part P) state that a socket must be installed a minimum distance of 300mm (30cm /12”) from the edge of a hob and a sink; EVOline® recommends 500mm.

All electrical systems should be installed by a qualified electrician who is responsible for ensuring that the installation is within the applicable electrical guidelines at the time of installation.

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BS6396 Installation Instructions