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EVOline® Dock Square

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EVOline® FlipTop Push


EVOline® Square80


EVOline® BackFlip


EVOline® Frame Dock


EVOline® Port

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EVOline® Dock

EVOline® is the choice for power and data systems.

 EVOline® solutions provide “plug and play” systems for office work stations, conference and meeting room tables, reception areas, hotel rooms, kitchens, educational/hospital facilities, home offices – anywhere discreet power and data systems are necessary.

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  • Design

    Our World leading designs including the Red Dot Award winning EVOline® Port are celebrated for the quality of build and materials, precision engineering, flexibility and service.

  • Quality

    Precision engineering, using only the finest materials and processes refined over 45 years of manufacturing experience, our systems are individually subject to rigorous quality testing procedures.

  • Detail

    Our systems benefit from uncompromising attention to detail  – from enhanced flexing protection moulds, screw-less sockets and silver plated contacts to non-flammable moulded parts.

  • Warranted

    We insist on using warranted data for optimised speed and performance.

Our products

The EVOline® international range of systems are specified by architects, designers, the furniture and electrical industries because they know we care about the things they do.